“School which makes kids feel like home with the best teachers who are knowledgeable and patient enough to give support and care for every child individually. Probably the only school whose learning and teaching methods has amazed me so much. Best place for kids to kick start their schooling.” – Krithika M

“This is a place where a child can learn everything with proper guidance!! A place where they give children full freedom to show their talents to everyone.. A place where they teach children to increase they memory skills n practically to be strong!!!! It’s a best place to get a pack to knowledge n shine in their future!!!! “Abhishek j

“I am happy to write that, my daughter is at your school where she learnt basic discipline. She loves to come to you. One of the best school in Yelahanka “Jagadeesha S

Divyashree- “Has made my child develop confidence, etiquette, caring and sharing nature, building relations, living in harmony, responsibility and independence, values and culture for life”

Chandan Patil – “The teaching methodology has made my child stand different from the crowd’

Shyam -“Balavikasa is more of a second home than a school, it is a secure and comfortable place to learn. Every aspect of development is taken care of by the teachers. The teachers are trained in such a way that they first understand the child’s way of learning, behaviour and adapt the methodology to shape the child and make the child learn. The faculty are appreciated for their patience, temperament and zeal to train the children”

Vanaja – “This school is the best as I found because it provides stress-free easy way of learning. While children at other schools are pressurised with homework and tests, our children are learning more than children in other schools and they are faster in learning’

Sona – “I have seen a lot of changes in my son – his creativity, interest towards studies, improvement in handwriting(Too good), communication, respect to elders, responsibility, innovative ideas. Every day I see something new in him. The school is not just nurturing the children they make them glow everywhere. 90% of the brain development can occur in Balavikasa. The way they teach is brilliant.”

Vijaya – “The teacher training I got at Balavikasa has changed me as a person. I have become more patient, understanding, compassionate and loving towards everyone around me. Training children with thinking skills has made to think in every situation. I have acquired creative and critical thinking skills because of Nagamani ma’am’s trust in me, freedom she gives to develop and support she gives to become confident. Now I have realised I am a person of worthiness and I have started leading a new fresh life”

Shoba – “We had doubts about the care there but they made us change our minds. We saw a lot of changes in our child. As the name itself suggests the development of kids, we saw our child building up self-confidence, interest towards learning new things with lot of creativity. We saw all children are enjoying in the school a lot. The school spirit and atmosphere between the students and teachers is highly motivated and they have engaged teachers who are committed and dedicated towards each and every child’s development. They have welcoming and friendly staff, very good class discipline and student behaviour. They have very well demonstrated their full time devoting to child development. Moreover, the maintenance of courteous attitude at a consistence level is highly appreciated. I feel the school is perfect for academic, mental ability and also providing emphasis on other activities like music, art, dance and yoga. The school is strongly, ethically and realistically committed to bring up good citizens and is an asset to the society. This is the best school to bring up our children with lot of love, care and attitude.”


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